Our commitment to environmental protection

San Severino Park Hotel is a hotel that is committed to environmental sustainability every day.

“Be the change you want to see in the world”

Our mission is to pursue an eco-sustainable accommodation, which is why we have adopted systems and measures that allow us to reduce the environmental impact and preserve the territory.

Tesla Superchargers

At San Severino Park Hotel you will find a Tesla Supercharger station, selected as a pilot project to allow you to recharge not only Tesla electric cars, but also those of other brands on the market. A project in support of our mission to foster the global transition to sustainable energy.

Photovoltaic panels

San Severino Park Hotel is equipped with a photovoltaic system which absorbs solar energy and converts it into electricity. These production processes, in addition to not generating pollution such as residues, waste or CO2 emissions into the environment, help to realize significant savings, using clean and renewable resources.

Certified natural cosmetics

In our Spa you will find only natural cosmetics, thanks to our collaboration with Comfort Zone, a B-Corp certified Italian company that uses fine and natural ingredients and adopts scientific rigor for each product, with meticulous care and respect for the environment.